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Guide to the Science Bundle Analyses

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Grade Level: Bundle Name 

Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OAS-S)

Each 3-dimensional performance expectation represents the things students should know, understand, and be able to do to be proficient in science and engineering. Performance expectations are bundled to provide an example for how standards might be grouped based on common science ideas, which provides opportunities for more meaningful student learning experiences.

In a Nutshell

This section clarifies the focus for this bundle of standards. It is a summary of what students will do and learn from this bundle.

Student Actions

Teacher Actions 

  • Student Actions represent ways students can demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to the bundled performance expectations. Each Student Action highlights a science and engineering practice (in blue) and a crosscutting concept (in green) related to the bundled standards. 

  • Teacher Actions provide examples of how educators can leverage the science and engineering practices (in blue) and the crosscutting concepts (in green) to support students in developing their understanding of the bundled performance expectations.

Key Concepts 


  • The Key Concepts identify the specific disciplinary core ideas (science concepts) associated with each of the bundled standards. 

  • The Misconceptions describe common misunderstandings that students often hold or demonstrate toward a topic. Students who hold these misconceptions need support in revising their thinking through learning experiences.

Instructional Resources 

Example resource written as a unit of instruction, highlighting how to engage students in meaningful, connected science learning. Includes examples of essential questions, phenomena, connections to prior learning, and a 3-dimensional narrative.



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