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Introduction to the OKScience Framework

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Welcome to the Science Framework!

With the revision of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OAS-S) in the Spring of 2020, it has been a priority of the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to ensure Oklahoma educators are provided with the opportunity to deeply understand the instructional shifts needed to fully meet the intent of the standards, while also supporting educators with a vision and resources that promote effective implementation of the standards.


The OSDE will be collaborating with Oklahoma Educators to revise and add to the existing Oklahoma Science Frameworks across three phases. Phase 1 began during the 2020-2021 school year. This involved updating the bundle analyses to reflect the 2020 OAS-S and include student actions, teacher actions, and key concepts. Educators also developed brand new Science Frameworks for Pre-Kindergarten, Physics, Environmental Science, and Earth and Space Science. Phase 2 will begin Fall 2021 and Phase 3 is TBD. Such recommendations are not intended as an exhaustive listing of instructional resources, but merely represent suggestions from reliable sources in the field of science education.


State Science Assessments for 5th, 8th, and 11th Grade will be aligned to the 2014 Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science until the 2022-2023 school year. As such, the 2014 Science Frameworks will remain available. There were only minor shifts to the 5th grade science, biology, chemistry, physics, and physical science standards so educators can begin using the 2020 Science Frameworks and still be able to prepare students for the state exams. All other subject areas can shift to using the 2020 Science Frameworks.


| Coming Soon |  The OSDE will continue to collaborate with Oklahoma educators to revise and add to the Oklahoma Science Frameworks. Applications to participate in this process will be available Summer 2021. If you have any questions email Heather.Johnston@sde.ok.gov.

2014 Science Frameworks 

2020 Science Frameworks  

Other Science Resources from the OSDE


Pre-Kindergarten Guide to the Science Bundle Analyses 



2020 Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science



3D Science Vertical Learning Progressions 



#OKSci Toolkit 



OSDE Science Website 



OSDE Office of Assessment Resources 



Family Guides, Grades PreK-6 

Seventh  Sixth Science Engagement Strategies
Eighth  Seventh  
Physical Science Eighth  
Biology  Physical Science  
Chemistry  Chemistry I  

Physics I

  Biology I  
  Environmental Science  
  Earth and Space Science  


Meet the Science Framework Writers

The Science Framework Writers are Oklahoma educators who were selected from a large pool of applicants. The process for application and selection included criteria related to knowledge of the content and practices of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science, as well as classroom experience, professional leadership, and curriculum development. The process of selecting the very best science educators contributed to an effective and dedicated group of educators reflecting a diverse range of experience and expertise. Applications for educators interested in participating in Phase 2 will be available Summer 2021.


Meet the Phase 1 Science Framework Writing Team Members



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